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How Fault is Determined in Florida
How Fault is Determined in Florida

The first thing you should know about determining fault in Florida is that we are a no-fault state. This basically means you are held responsible for any damages to your vehicle and you must pay your own medical bills. In the legal world, “fault” and “negligence” are ...

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  • What Insurance Coverage Is Required In Florida?

    In the state of Florida, the laws concerning car accidents follow a no-fault system. This makes it so each driver must carry insurance coverages that ...

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    One of the most complicated situations following a car crash is dealing with the insurance company—whether your own or the provider of the individual ...

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  • Pedestrian Deaths Highest Since 1990

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported on February 28, 2019 a disturbing finding as to pedestrian related deaths. The article reported 6,227 people ...

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    Many individuals injured as a result of a negligence-related car accident are quick to believe that the other party is at fault and they have a strong ...

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  • Top 6 Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident

    While accidents are very common, there are few people who truly know what steps to take after the accident to protect their rights. When an accident ...

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