What Makes Dealing with the Insurance Company So Difficult?

Following a car accident, you can expect to go through a number of obstacles that can make an already difficult situation even more daunting. One of the harder parts to endure is dealing with the opposing party’s insurance company.

When someone else’s negligence causes an accident, their insurance company is tasked with minimizing the amount they pay out to the injured party. There are a number of reasons this can be so difficult, especially when already dealing with physical, emotional, and financial hardships.

The Insurance Company Has a Large Legal Team

The defendant’s insurance company is often backed by a large legal team dedicated to one thing and one thing only: protecting the profits and bottom line of the insurance company. As such, they’re trying to limit the amount of compensation they pay out.

This may mean trying to use statements to turn the liability around and put blame on the injured party. For injured parties, this makes it important to have their own legal representative to protect their own rights.

The Insurance Company Is All About Profits

We rely on the insurance companies to follow through with their policies and pay out when necessary to protect injured individuals. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance companies refuse to pay out the necessary compensation, making this difficult to navigate.

If they pay out, they’re not making profit. The profits are what they are most often considering when determining how much to pay to injury victims. This may mean settlements that are a lot less than what the victims deserve.

At Shapiro Law Firm, P.A., we know the tactics of the insurance companies and the ways they try and limit how much they’re trying to pay out. We use our experience and knowledge to help uphold your rights to compensation when negligence causes you harm.

Our Tallahassee car accident lawyers will stand by your side every step of the way in search of the most favorable outcome possible. Trust that your best interests are our top priority and we work hard to protect your rights moving forward.

Contact us at (850) 629-7226 today and learn what rights and options you may have.

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