Holiday Season Injuries to Watch Out For

Holiday Season Injuries to Watch Out For

Injuries involving falling from ladders or ice or snow accidents are the most common in the winter months. Slip-and-falls resulting from ice and snow are particularly common this time of year. The icy conditions outside cause potential for both falls and skin injuries.

Who is Most Vulnerable?

While anyone at any age can be susceptible to an injury, children can be at high risk during the holidays for numerous reasons. Shapiro Law Firm, P.A. is here to remind all parents, caregivers, and guardians that as families get ready to celebrate, they should take extra steps to ensure that everyone keeps safe from all of the dangerous ways in which young kids can accidentally access some potentially harmful, breakable, or sharp objects.

Despite increased efforts, many young children continue to unintentionally hurt themselves by coming into contact with these dangerous products. There are simple steps that parents, caregivers, and guardians can take to keep their homes safe, both for themselves and their young children.

Choking Hazards

Be extra vigilant with anything that could be a choking hazard, such as toys with small parts that can easily be swallowed or lodged in the airway. These toys may be small, but they can be choking hazards. Toys must be adequately designed and packaged in child-appropriate packaging to prevent young children from swallowing them.

Be Wary of Sharp Objects

Avoid making breakable or sharp objects readily accessible to young children. Kids may find it fun to play with toy guns or knives, but they can cause injury and even lead to severe or fatal injury when consumed or handled. Teach your kids that sharp objects are dangerous, especially at this time of year.

Where Shapiro Law Firm, P.A. Steps In

Injuries can occur at any moment, and while we try to do everything we can to avoid them, sometimes accidents happen. However, if you suffer injuries because of another person’s negligent behavior, then our firm can step in to help.

You should never have to handle healthcare costs when you were injured by no fault of your own. Your holiday season should be spent thinking about the people you love- not handling medical bills. Allow the team at Shapiro Law Firm, P.A. to take off some of the weight.

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