What are the Most Common Injuries that Occur on Thanksgiving?

What are the Most Common Injuries that Occur on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a much-needed time of gratefulness and reflection for many families all across the country. However, this does not mean that it is not a day without risks. The following injuries are commonly sustained on this beloved holiday.

Cooking Accidents

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving reports the highest number of house fires every year, with 300% higher rates than the average day. Some ways you can avoid being a part of the estimated 4,000 kitchen fires that occur include:

  • Never leave the kitchen when food is cooking on the stovetop.
  • When the turkey is cooking in the oven, stay inside the house and check it frequently. Consider using a timer.
  • If children come into the kitchen, keep them at least 3 feet from a hot stove.
  • Make sure your turkey is completely thawed through before cooking it if you are using a fryer.

Car Crashes

Now more than ever, drivers need to know the possible risks they face when traveling this holiday season and work to avoid them. On average, there are 609 car crashes on the week before Thanksgiving each year, totaling more than 300 injuries and five deaths, reports the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

All of this comes from an analysis of police reports on Thanksgiving highway crashes dating back to 2006. The institute based that on more than 44 million roadway crashes and 32,837 fatalities. It found that every month of the year, there is an average of 8.5 million crashes. But the Thanksgiving weekend -- Thanksgiving Day and Friday -- is the most dangerous holiday on our roads, with nearly a 50 percent increase in crashes and injuries.

Black Friday Shopping Injuries

Every year, many people will head out to the stores at the crack of dawn to go Black Friday shopping. The heightened popularity and the seemingly earlier start times every year create a recipe for aggression in the stores. This is especially true when there is an overcrowding of people in the shopping center.

If you go Black Friday shopping, make sure you are prepared for this kind of chaos and avoid getting hurt. Don’t go Black Friday shopping if you are young, sick, or injured.

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