These Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Florida

Highway US 1 in Florida leading to the Keys

Florida has a rather unique landscape that differs from most of the United States. With such a distinctive landscape comes special roads to reach it all. Many of these roads are somewhat peculiar, which makes them some of the most dangerous roads in the country.

These are the most dangerous Florida roads:


The portion of US-1 that travels through Florida has seen the most fatalities of any highway in any state in the country in the last 10 years. In the last decade, US-1 has seen 1,079 fatalities due to collisions and other mishaps.


US-41 has claimed 772 lives in the last decade, which has caused it to rank second on the list of most fatal roads in the nation.


There have been 529 accidents on US-27 over the past 10 years. Those accidents have caused 614 people to lose their lives, which makes this the third deadliest Florida road.


Over the last decade, US-441 has claimed 442 lives as a result of 418 fatal crashes, which causes this road to land fourth on our list of deadliest Florida roads.


This road travels from Punta Gorda to Jacksonville, it is the fifth deadliest road in the state, and it is the ninth deadliest road in the U.S.

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