True or False: How to Handle the Insurance Company After an Accident

One of the most complicated situations following a car crash is dealing with the insurance company—whether your own or the provider of the individual responsible for the crash.

There are plenty of complex matters involved and just when you think you deserve compensation, companies tasked with taking care of the injured are often unwilling to pay out because they care more about their own profits and bottom line.

Because many individuals are unsure of how insurance companies operate after a crash and what their rights are, our Tallahassee car accident attorney provides some valuable information, detailing true and false information about insurance.

True: You Don’t Have to Accept an Initial Settlement

When you receive an initial settlement offer from the insurance company, you don’t have to accept the offer. You can counter it to something that is more adequate for your losses or, if the counter is denied, take legal action to sue the insurance company and negligent driver.

Before you make a decision regarding the settlement, your best option is to speak with a legal advisor who can determine the strongest course of action for you. If your settlement offer is adequate and reaches the maximum amount your lawyer feels you can receive, it may be best to accept the settlement.

False: The Insurance Company Always Pays Out the Necessary Amount

You pay a premium to your insurance company in hopes that when you need them most, they’ll compensate you properly. However, in many situations, insurance companies are looking to protect their own interests. This can include your insurance company or that of the negligent driver.

Just because your bills reach a certain amount after a car accident doesn’t mean an insurance company will be willing to pay out that amount.

True: If You Accept a Settlement, You Forfeit the Right to File a Lawsuit

When you’re offered a settlement by the insurance company, you have the choice to accept it, counter it, or deny it based on the advice of your lawyer and whether the amount is enough to cover your expenses. What you should know, however, is that accepting the settlement means you can no longer take legal action against the negligent party.

Before you accept a settlement, speak with legal counsel to determine if you are entitled to more for the maximum compensation you may receive.

False: Insurance Companies are Truthful In Claims Against Them

As honest as you hope the insurance company will be during a claim, they often lie in an attempt to get you to settle for a lesser amount or to try and have the claim outright denied. Some of the lies they may say include the following:

  • Your policy doesn’t cover specific expenses
  • Your policy has lapsed because of lack of payment
  • You were the party who caused the accident
  • If you don’t accept the settlement, you won’t get anything

The insurance companies often try to find anyway to take advantage of an injured person’s vulnerability. They try to use the ever-growing medical expenses and lost wages as a way of convincing the plaintiff that settling is the best option.

Our Tallahassee car accident lawyers at Shapiro Law Firm, P.A. want you to know that you do have rights. You don’t have to accept an inadequate settlement. You have the right to speak with our firm about what options you have and the most effective option moving forward.

We take pride in going the extra mile and protecting your rights to the fullest. After an injury-causing accident, we’re here to stand by your side and help you every step of the way.

Call our firm today at (850) 629-7226 to discuss your potential rights.

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