What Happens in Multi-Car Collisions?

What Happens in Multi-Car Collisions

Multi-car collisions are classified as a wreck that involved three or more cars in the same crash. We usually see this in rear-end accidents that create a domino effect for vehicles behind the initial impact. However, in some cases, it is even more dangerous.

Crashes involving multiple drivers are sometimes caused by the reckless actions of several careless people behind the wheel. Because of this, it can be incredibly challenging to get the compensation you need since there are so many variables involved in the case.

Proving Fault

Finding proof for who is at fault is one of the critical steps in determining which driver is liable for the damages. When the fault is deciphered for the driver that caused the chain reaction of multiple vehicles to collide, they will be legally obligated to pay the compensation that is rightly due.

Where Things Get Complicated

Every person and insurance company involved will attempt to give reasons why they are not to blame or diminish the amount of fault. Additionally, every driver involved (and eyewitnesses) can truthfully believe different things causing multiple stories without malicious intent.

What is trying to be determined is who initiated the wreck. Because theoretically, if they had not caused a wreck to begin with, no one would be dealing with the aftermath.

Most Crucial Step: Hire a Lawyer

Figuring out liability for a multi-car collision is one of the most complex cases personal injury attorneys face. Without the help of the stellar team at Shapiro Law Firm, P.A., you could face an abundance of ramifications. If other drivers are able to wrongfully place more blame on you, the less compensation you will receive to help you pay for damages.

Protect yourself. Call us today at (850) 629-7226 to schedule a free consultation. We are a team of experienced professionals that have your best interests at heart.

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